Why is lower back pain with hemorrhoids and how is it treated

In the presence of hemorrhoids in a woman, pain can develop due to the following reasons:

  1. The occurrence of inflammation.
  2. Injury to the mucous membranes in the rectal area.

With the development of the inflammatory process occurs thinning of the mucous membranes of the anusAs a result of which, during the promotion of stool of a dense structure, they are injured. This can provoke the development of anal fissures, which cannot be healed for a long time.

With untimely therapy, the cracks turn into chronic stageand during bowel movements there is unbearable pain. If you try to avoid pain, refusing to eat can only worsen the situation, as constipation develops, and feces gain a stony structure.

Pain during different stages of the disease

At the initial stages of the course of the disease, the presence of weak and short-term pain is observed. A woman feels a little discomfort during bowel movement. There is mild pain in the lower abdomen. But as the disease progresses and the lack of proper therapy, the painful sensations only intensify.

The transition of the disease to the second stage is characterized by the fact that in addition to discomfort during bowel movements, pain also develops in the lumbar region, there is a feeling of heaviness in the intestines. If at this stage you do not start treatment, then there is an increase in pain and the transition of the disease to the next stage.

It is even impossible to touch the inflamed nodes, since they hurt very much. Also, for this stage, the presence of pain of an irritating nature in the coccyx is characteristic.

How the back hurts with hemorrhoids

Low back hemorrhoids pain periodically. Pain in the acute stage of the disease responds with sharp impulses piercing the back. Acute pain comes up suddenly and violently, literally twisting the lower back. During pain, the lower back, sacrum and tailbone suffer. The spread of an unpleasant symptom begins from the coccyx and rises up to the lower back. By time, the back with hemorrhoids can hurt from several minutes to several hours.

In the chronic form of the disease, pulling back pain appears. Aching, dull pain often occurs in the evening. An attack originates from weak impulses, which gradually increase and reach significant strength. The area below the waist, the sacrum and tailbone begin to hurt. Sometimes back pain due to hemorrhoids becomes unbearable, spreads up the spine.

You can understand that pain is a sign of hemorrhoids by the time it occurs. Patients with hemorrhoids nodes notice that the lower back hurts due to exposure to certain factors on the body:

  • after heavy physical exertion, especially lifting weights, long walking or standing,
  • back pain occurs with hemorrhoids from sitting on a hard, uncomfortable chair,
  • during bowel movements constipation makes it difficult to empty. The rectum is damaged by dense feces, pain from the intestine passes to the back,
  • after operations on the mucosa of the anus.

The back from hemorrhoids can hurt often or not very, very much or almost imperceptibly. Pain takes up a limited area or spreads from the coccyx to the shoulder blades. Discomfort in the back with hemorrhoidal pathology arises from visible, obvious causes such as hard work, painful bowel movements.

It is sometimes difficult to establish a connection between back problems and expansion of rectal veins. Often people with hemorrhoidal disease are very surprised to learn that with hemorrhoids, the lower back can hurt.

Why hemorrhoids backache

The reasons why hemorrhoids can cause lower back pain are quite diverse. Nerve roots depart from the sacral spine, which branch and innervate the pelvic organs. Nerve endings in the anus are provided by the inferior hypogastric plexus. Irritation of the nerve endings of the sacral nerve in the anus area with an inflammatory process pinched by hemorrhoids, an anal fissure can spread over the groin, lower abdomen and back.

The most common culprits for back pain with hemorrhoidal pathology:

  • enlarged, inflamed nodes of internal hemorrhoids falling out,
  • infringed nodes are very painful. Pinching occurs when the muscles of the anal sphincter close over the fallen venous node due to a spasm. Backache when walking, sneezing, sitting,
  • thrombosis of the cones of external hemorrhoids 3-4 stages of development causes perineal pain, the spread of pain impulses to the back,
  • severe back discomfort felt during bowel movements. The rectum is injured by dense feces with constipation,
  • excessive tension of the back muscles to empty the intestines with hemorrhoids leads to a painful muscle spasm,
  • lower back with hemorrhoids can be sick from nervous expectation and fear of a painful act of defecation,
  • anal fissure is a source of severe pain in the anus, pain spreads to the back near the lower back,
  • The rectum hurts the first week after removal of hemorrhoids, painful impulses rise up, reaching the sacrum.

Most often, the back hurts with hemorrhoids of the 3-4th stage of development, accompanied by fallen venous nodes with strangulation or thrombosis. The final degree of hemorrhoidal pathology is characterized by inflammation of the anal passage and severe pain symptom. Soreness spreads to the coccyx, sacrum and lumbar. Then the patient cannot straighten his back, his quality of life is markedly reduced.

Treatment for back pain from hemorrhoids

Before proceeding with the treatment of a sore back, it is necessary to make sure that the culprit in pain is hemorrhoids, and not another pathology. To clarify the diagnosis visit a doctor coloproctologist, other medical specialists. When the status of the hemorrhoidal disease is confirmed, and other causes of back pain have not been found, along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor, you can use additional recommendations.

Ointments for the treatment of back with hemorrhoids

Treatment of back pain begins with the elimination of the effects of varicose veins of the anal veins. A convenient remedy for treatment at home is external ointment preparations.

It is recommended to use ointments to eliminate back pain:

  • Bystrum-gel is a domestic analogue of Fastum-gel based on ketoprofen. Refers to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to combat pain. It is applied to the back with a thin layer twice a day, rubbed with massage movements. The gel is contraindicated for pregnant, lactating and children under 15 years of age. Ointments / gels Ketonal, Pentalgin Extra-gel, Spazgel, Valusal have a similar composition with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
  • Dolobene gel is a multicomponent medicine for the back. Heparin sodium prevents thrombosis, dexpanthenol eliminates edema, redness of the skin of the back. Dimethyl sulfoxide will eliminate inflammation and relieve swelling in the sore area of ​​the back. It is imperative to cleanse the skin of the back before applying the gel. Apply the drug 2 to 4 times a day,
  • Finalgon - contains a synthetic analogue of capsaicin - a burning ingredient in red pepper. External agents Analgos cream, Capsicam ointment are endowed with a similar composition and effect. Ointments with capsaicin will relieve inflammation, anesthetize the subcutaneous layer and back muscles. You can take warming ointments up to 3 times a day. Before the first use, it is recommended to apply capsaicin ointment to a limited area of ​​the back and monitor the skin reaction.

In addition to ointments, painkillers - Analgin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Pentalgin, Ketoprofen, Diclofenac - are used to moderate back pain in hemorrhoids. Analgesic tablets are used symptomatically, that is, in the presence of attacks of back pain. They, like analgesic ointments, only temporarily block the transmission of pain impulses along nerve fibers, without affecting the cause of the disease. You can permanently cure back pain by eliminating hemorrhoids and its consequences - inflammation, thrombosis, infringement of nodes.

With hemorrhoids, the back from the lower back and sacrum to the tailbone may hurt. The source of back pain is inflamed nodes complicated by thrombosis and infringement. It is necessary to clearly identify the culprit of the discomfort of the lower back, since the back can hurt not only from a hemorrhoids ailment, but also for completely different reasons. Back treatment should be prescribed by a doctor after examination. At home, it makes sense to eliminate pain with ointments, gels, tablets with anti-inflammatory and analgesic components.

Bloating with hemorrhoids

As already noted, during the course of hemorrhoids, a woman constantly feels discomfort and pain, therefore, in order to somehow isolate herself from the last manifestation, she can infringe on herself in food. And this entails the development of constipation, flatulence and inherent bloating for them.

During constipation, the woman always thinks that the bowel movement was not over, as a result, the stomach and intestines are constantly full, and this provokes bloating.

In the presence of flatulence, bloating occurs for a slightly different reason, namely due to the formation of a large amount of gas. Pain can occur caused by the transport of gases along the intestines.

Features of drug treatment

There are a number of drugs that can slightly ease the course of hemorrhoids, reducing the pain caused by this disease. The most effective drugs of this type are various suppositories, especially based on aloe and novocaine.

A drug such as Hepazolonecontaining lidocaine, prednisone and heparin. In this case, heparin completes the process of blood coagulation in hemorrhoids, and lidocaine has an analgesic effect.

Candles should be used with strict adherence to the instructions, introducing into the anal canal. To enter the candles, you need to lie down on one side, bend your legs in the knees and smoothly insert the candle into the rectum. For the effective effect of the drug in this form, you need to stay for an hour.

You can also use painkillers, the most effective of them are the following:

  1. Heparin ointment - It has an analgesic effect, relieves itching and reduces the inflammatory process. The tool is allowed to be used even during the period of bearing a child and while breastfeeding. Ointment is prohibited in case of bleeding.
  2. Troxevasin ointment - relieves pain, reduces the inflammatory process, relieves swelling.
  3. Fleming Ointment - eliminates burning and pain in the anus, reduces the inflammatory process. It does not adversely affect pregnant, nursing mothers and older women.

In some situations (internal hemorrhoids), the doctor may prescribe medication in the form of tablets, the most effective means of this type are the following:

Candles and ointment also have pronounced analgesic effects Relief Advance.

Treatment with folk remedies

It is possible to reduce the painful sensations of a woman with hemorrhoids using folk methods.

In this case, depending on the stage of the disease, the following methods are suitable:

  1. If you have moderate pain, you can use cold compress. To do this, take a small bag, put a few ice cubes there and attach the bag to the anus. The compress is held for 15 minutes.
  2. With mild pain they will help. cool baths. To create them, you need to pour a cool decoction of herbs (chamomile, sage, and others) into a small basin. Next, you need to sit in the basin in such a way as to place the anus. The bath is applied for 10 minutes.

In addition, gauze can be attached to the affected area, inside of which there will be shabby beets and potatoes.

Hemorrhoids is a disease that can be accompanied by severe pain and prolapse of hemorrhoids, so at the first signs of the presence of this disease you need to start treatment. If you take timely treatment of a disease such as hemorrhoids, then you can stop the disease in the early stages and end with a little discomfort during bowel movements.

Why does lower back from hemorrhoids hurt?

Hemorrhoids in the anus are the most common symptom. The cause of the pain lies in the inflammatory process of the anorectal region, since swollen tissues compress pain receptors, which provokes this unpleasant sensation.

An important role in the occurrence of pain in hemorrhoids is played by spasm of the muscles of the anus, the development of complications of the disease, damage to nodes by hardened feces during bowel movements, tight linen, hard surface of the stool, etc.

Pain in patients with hemorrhoids is always associated with the act of defecation, and with external localization of nodes, painful sensations are present from the first days of the disease.

At the same time, internal hemorrhoids in the initial stages in most patients are asymptomatic. Pain sensations begin to bother when the nodes become large enough and sag out through the anal ring, which also occurs mainly when visiting the restroom.

But worst of all, when the pain is not limited to the anus, but spreads to neighboring organs, tissues and areas of the body. Therefore, such a combination as lower back pain and hemorrhoids is not uncommon.

With hemorrhoids, lower back pain spreads due to the innervation of this area of ​​the body. In the pelvis there is a very large number of nerve endings, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the organs that are in it, in particular the rectum. The signals from the pain receptors of the rectum are sent to the nerve nodes, which are located in the lateral columns of the lumbar segments of the spinal cord, which explains this irradiation of pain.

Most often, irradiation of pain in the lumbar spine is observed in patients with rectal hemorrhoids of stage 3-4, because with advanced forms of the disease, complications may appear. After all, with the appearance of various complications, the pain is so severe that it hurts patients to sit, walk and even lie. In addition, with such pain, painkillers do not always help.

In such cases, it is urgent to contact specialists for help, because getting rid of pain can only be done by eliminating their cause - hemorrhoids.


In patients with hemorrhoids, the back hurts for two reasons, namely:

  • with an exacerbation of hemorrhoidal disease, patients try to alleviate their condition in various ways, including taking a forced position of the body, and such poses are not always physiological and comfortable. The pain in the anus can and can be relieved, but there is an excessive tension of the back muscles, which will provoke pain in it,
  • irradiation of back pain along nerve roots.

Bole in the back caused by hemorrhoids is characterized by the appearance only during an exacerbation of the process or the development of its complications.But in any case, you need to contact a specialist who will help alleviate the condition and rule out other causes.

Coccyx pain

Coccyx pain in hemorrhoidal disease is very rare, therefore, in the first place, other causes of pain should be excluded.

But nevertheless, if the connection of pain in the tailbone and hemorrhoids is proved, then this symptom most often occurs not because of the hemorrhoidal cones, but because of the constipation that they provoke, inflammation of pararectal tissues or rectal fistulas.

Lower abdominal pain

Does the stomach hurt with an attack of hemorrhoids? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Often, patients are kneaded that during an exacerbation of hemorrhoids, their lower abdomen is pulled and aching. Although the pain is not too intense, it brings a lot of trouble. What are these pains associated with:

The main cause of pain in the lower abdomen with hemorrhoidal disease is the irradiation of pain from the rectum, which arise from damage to the nodes by hardened feces. Moreover, such a spread of pain is observed only with internal hemorrhoids.

How to get rid of back pain with hemorrhoids?

Since the main cause of lumbar pain in patients with hemorrhoids is the presence of hemorrhoidal nodes or the development of complications, then you can get rid of this unpleasant symptom only by curing hemorrhoidal disease.

The treatment of hemorrhoids is based on the following principles:

  • dieting
  • increased motor activity,
  • taking drugs with venotonic and angioprotective effects (Venarus, Detralex, Phlebodia 600, Troxevasin, Eskuzan and others),
  • the use of local drugs that help eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids, including pain. With internal hemorrhoids, rectal suppositories are mainly used, among which the most effective are Proctosedil M, Relif Advance, Ultroproct, Procto-Glivenol, Proctosan, Olestesin and others,
  • the use of folk remedies (baths, microclysters, home-made candles and ointments), which complement the traditional treatment.

You can also alleviate the condition with the help of painkillers such as Spazmolgon, Nurofen, Ksefokam, Nimesil and others. With severe pain, novocaine blockades can be performed.

Conservative therapy is effective in the initial stages of hemorrhoids, but when the disease has reached stages 3-4, then you have to resort to surgical treatment.

Other causes of lower back pain: how to distinguish?

Despite the fact that lumbar pain in patients with hemorrhoids is not uncommon, the causes of this symptom can still be associated diseases such as:

  • spinal column diseases (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, lordosis, herniated discs, vertebral injuries),
  • joint diseases (tuberculosis of the joints, hip arthrosis and arthritis),
  • oncological diseases of the skeletal system, urinary and digestive systems,
  • digestive system diseases (intestinal obstruction, colitis, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, appendicitis),
  • pathology of the urinary system (urolithiasis, cystitis, pyelonephritis) and others.

The following features will help distinguish hemorrhoidal pain in the lumbar region of the body from the above diseases:

  • pain is always associated with exacerbation of hemorrhoids,
  • pains occur or increase during bowel movements,
  • soreness is worse when sitting, especially on hard surfaces,
  • the pains are aching pulling in nature, but during the development of complications can become pulsating, pressing or spastic.

In this state, the pain becomes sharp and severe during any movement and requires medical attention.

In order to determine the exact cause of lumbar pain, a comprehensive examination of the body is carried out, especially radiography of the lumbar spine. In addition, you may need an ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity, fibrocolonoscopy, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as many others.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids and you have lumbar pain, then in no case do self-diagnosis and especially self-medication, but immediately contact a proctologist. Only a proctologist after a set of diagnostic methods will determine whether your lower back can be sick from hemorrhoids or is it due to other reasons.

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